Challenge 1: Implement an Abstract Method in a Base Class

Can you implement an abstract method of a base class? A solution is placed in the solution section to help you, but we would suggest that you try to solve it on your own first.

Problem Statement

We have already implemented a Book class which has an abstract method, GetDetails(), a parameterized constructor, and three private fields having their respective properties with get accessors defined:

  • _name with the property, Name
  • _author with the property, Author
  • _price with the property, Price

Write a MyBook class that inherits from the Book class and has a parameterized constructor taking these parameters:

  • string title
  • string author
  • string price

Implement the Book class’ getdetails() method in the MyBook class so that it returns the MyBook details.


    Call to MyBook constructor passing name, author, and price.
    Call to `GetDetails()` method to return the details of a book.


Returns the details of the book.

Sample Input

Book myBook = new MyBook("Harry Potter", "J.k. Rowling", "100");

Sample Output

"Harry Potter, J.k. Rowling, 100"

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