Challenge 2: Implement and Override a Method

Can you override the CalcArea() method in a derived class? A solution is placed in the solution section to help you, but we suggest you try to solve it on your own first.

Polymorphism in Shapes

Shapes are a perfect example of polymorphism. There are many types of shapes, e.g., circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. Each of these shapes has an area but the way it is calculated is different for each shape. For example, a square’s area will be calculated as follows:

SquareArea=(side)2 SquareArea = (side)^2

On the other hand, the area of a circle will be calculated as follows:

CircleArea=pir2 CircleArea = pi*r^2

Consider we have a base class, Shape, and a derived class, Circle.

Problem Statement

Write a method in the Circle class which overrides the virtual method CalcArea() and returns double in the Shape class. The overriding method calculates the area of a circle and returns it.

The value of Pi is 3.14.

You are given a partially completed code in the editor. Modify the code so that the code prints the following:


A radius


The area of the circle with the given radius

Sample Input

       Shape circle = new Circle(2);

Sample Output

       circle.CalcArea() = 12.56

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