Challenge 1: Square Numbers and Return their Sum

In this challenge, you need to implement a method which squares passing variables and return their sum.

Problem Statement #

Implement a method squareSum(double num1, double num2, double num3) in a class SquareSum which takes three numbers, square them and returns their sum.

Input: #

Three floating point numbers.

Output: #

Sum of the squares of passing numbers

Sample Input #

2, 3, 4

Sample Output #


Coding Exercise #

First, take a close look and design a step-by-step algorithm before jumping to the implementation. This problem is designed for your practice, so initially try to solve it on your own. If you get stuck, you can always refer to the solution provided in the solution section.

Good Luck!

// Square Sum
class SquareSum {
// Method to sum the squares of three numbers
double squareSum(double num1, double num2, double num3) {
double sum = 0;
// Write your code here
return sum;

The solution will be explained in the next lesson.