Challenge 4: Calculate Distance Between Points

In this exercise, you have to create a class called Point which can calculate distance between two points in the x-y plane.

Problem Statement

You have to implement a class called Point that represents a specific point in the x-y plane. It should contain the following:

  • fields:

    • x( integer type)

    • y( integer type)

  • methods:

    • default constructor that initializes the point at (0,0)(0, 0)

    • parameterized constructor that takes input x and y and initializes the point to the respective coordinates.

    • float distance(), a method which calculates the distance of the point (represented by the object) from the origin, i.e. (0,0)(0, 0)

    • float distance(x1, y1), a method which calculates the distance between the point represented by the class object and (x1,y1)(x1, y1)

The distance between two points (x,y)(x, y) and (x1,y1)(x1, y1) can be calculated by the following formula:

distance=(x1x)2+(y1y)2\text{distance} = \sqrt{(x_1 - x)^2 + (y_1 - y)^2}

Sample Input

    Point p1 = new Point(5, 5);

Sample Output

    distance()  => 7.071
    distance(2, 1)  => 5.0

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