AWS Database Types

Overview AWS Database types, DB snapshots and multi-AZ DB.

AWS database types

AWS has following database types:

  1. RDS = OLTP
  2. SQL
  3. My SQL
  4. Postgre SQL
  5. Oracle
  6. Aurora
  7. Maria DB
  8. Dynamo DB – No SQL
  9. Redshift – Amazon Data warehouse – OLAP
  10. Elastic Cache – In-Memory cache

AWS backups

There are two types of backups for AWS:

  1. Automated Backups
  2. Database Snapshots

Automated backups

Automated Backups allow you to recover your database to any point in time within a retention period. The retention period can be between 1 – 35 days. Automated backups will take a full daily snapshot and will store transaction logs throughout the day. This allows you to do a point in time recovery down to a second, within the retention period.

Automated backups are enabled by default. The backup data is stored in S3 and your tree storage space is equal to the size of the database.

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