Well Architected Framework: Cost Optimization

Get introduced to the cost optimizations associated with the well-architectured framework

Cost design principles

  1. Transparently attribute expenditure e.g. tell each business until their expense and work with them to lower their expense.
  2. Use managed services to reduce the cost of ownership.
  3. Trade capital expense for operating expense. E.g. instead of buying your own infrastructure use IaaS.
  4. Benefit from the economics of scale.
  5. Stop spending money on data center operations.

Four primary areas

  1. Matched supply + demand
  2. Cost-effective resources
  3. Expenditure awareness
  4. Optimizing overtime

Using the most effective type of AWS service both in terms of performance and cost.

A Well-Architect system will consider the customer needs at the same time keeping in mind what is most cost-effective.

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