Elastic Load Balancers (ELB)

Get a quick overview of AWS ELBs, Cloud Watch, CloudTrails, and EC2 Placement groups.

Elastic Load Balancers

This is a virtual appliance that is used to distribute traffic across multiple application instances.

Instances are checked by the Load Balancers (LB) and they re-route the traffic if they find an application is not returning any data back.

All AWS Load Balancers have their own DNS name.

Cloud Watch

Cloud Watch is used for:

  1. Monitoring and setting up alarms that notify the user if an AWS threshold is hit.

  2. Events in cloud watch help you to respond to a state change of your resources.

Cloud watch Logs – helps you aggregate monitor and store logs. This is done by installing an agent on your EC2 server.


Audits what is created or modified in terms of AWS infrastructure.

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