PBS job states

The table below describes the different job states through the life cycle of the job. There are some attributes that are only applicable when submitting jobs to an Enterprise PBS Professional complex.

Job State Description
B Job arrays only: job array has Begun.
E Job is Exiting after having run.
F Job has Finished exiting and execution. The job was completed successfully and had no application errors. Job has Finished exiting and execution; however, the job experienced application errors.
H Job is Held. A job is put into a held state by the server or by a user or administrator. A job stays in a held state until it is released by a user or administrator.
Q Job is Queued, eligible to run or be routed.
R Job is Running.
S Job is Suspended by server. A job is put into the suspended state when a higher priority job needs the resources.
T Job is in Transition (being moved to a new location).
U Job is User-suspended. A job is put into the user-suspended state workstation occupied by a user.
W Job is Waiting for its requested execution time to be reached or job specified a staging request which failed for some reason.
X Sub jobs only; sub job is finished (expired).

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