PBS variables

PBS sets multiple environment variables at submission time. The following PBS variables are commonly used in command files:

Variable Name Description
PBS_ARRAYID Array ID numbers for jobs submitted with the -t flag. For example a job submitted with #PBS -t 1-8 will run eight identical copies of the shell script. The value of the PBS_ARRAYID will be a an integer between 1 and 8.
PBS_ENVIRONMENT Set to PBS_BATCH to indicate that the job is a batch job; otherwise, set to
PBS_JOBID full jobID assigned to this job. Often used to uniquely name output files for this job, for example: mpirun -np 16 ./a.out >output.${PBS_JOBID}
PBS_JOBNAME Name of the job. This can be set using the -N option in the PBS script (or from the command line). The default job name is the name of the PBS script.
PBS_NODEFILE Contains a list of the nodes assigned to the job. If multiple CPUs on a node have been assigned, the node will be listed in the file more than once. By default, mpirun assigns jobs to nodes in the order they are listed in this file
PBS_O_HOME The value of the HOME variable in the environment in which qsub was executed.
PBS_O_HOST The name of the host upon which the qsub command is running.
PBS_O_PATH Original PBS path. Used with pbsdsh.
PBS_O_QUEUE Queue job was submitted to.
PBS_O_WORKDIR PBS sets the environment variable PBS_O_WORKDIR to the directory from which the batch job was submitted
PBS_QUEUE Queue job is rnning in (typically this is the same as PBS_O_QUEUE).

See an examples of PBS variable below:

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