Paging Library

Learn how to implement infinite scrolling in an Android application.

Introduction to pagination

The Paging 3 library is a useful tool for implementing infinite scrolling in a RecyclerView by dividing a large dataset into smaller chunks and gradually loading them into the view. This allows for smooth and efficient data loading as the user scrolls through the list.

Additionally, Paging 3 simplifies the process of loading data from both local databases and network sources.

Benefits of pagination

  • The Paging library is designed to be resource-efficient because of its built-in caching system. This system helps to improve the speed of data loading and retrieval, leading to a smoother overall experience for the user. As a result, the library is able to use system resources efficiently, ensuring that performance remains optimal even when working with large datasets.
  • The Paging library includes built-in support for error handling, which allows it to automatically handle issues that may arise during data loading or retrieval. This support includes the ability to refresh the data or retry failed requests, ensuring that the user experience is not disrupted by transient errors. This helps to ensure that the data displayed in the RecyclerView is always accurate and up-to-date.

  • The RecyclerView adapter included with the Paging 3 library is highly flexible when it comes to pagination, allowing it to automatically load new data and make requests as the user approaches the end of the current page. This ensures that the data displayed in the RecyclerView is always current and up-to-date, providing a seamless experience for the user as they navigate through the list.

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