Mastering MVVM Architecture in Android Development using Kotlin

Mastering MVVM Architecture in Android Development using Kotlin


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AI Explanations
Mastering MVVM Architecture in Android Development using Kotlin
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Takeaway Skills

Understanding MVVM architecture and its application in Android development

Hands-on experience employing MVVM architecture for Android development using Kotlin language

Familiarity with Retrofit and OkHttp networking libraries

Working knowledge of Room library for data storage and offline viewing

Hands-on experience of handling lifecycle components such as LiveData

The ability to implement pagination using the new Paging library

Familiarity with following core components of the MVVM: Room, LiveData, Navigation, View Binding, Paging and ViewModel

Course Overview

The course focuses on the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture in Android development using Kotlin. The MVVM is widely recommended due to its robustness, scalability, and ease of maintenance. It is a valuable skill to have for building high-performance Android applications. Firstly, you will learn the basics of MVVM architecture and its advantages over other approaches to Android development. Then, you'll start from scratch and create layouts for a news application. Next, you'll use the Retrofit and Ok...Show More


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