Step 1: Use Mix to Create Our New Project

Learn how to create a new project using Mix and its directory structure.

The mix command-line utility manages Elixir projects used to create new projects, manages a project’s dependencies, runs tests, and runs code. If you have Elixir installed, you also have mix. Let’s try running it now:

$ mix help
mix                    # Run the default task (current: mix run)
mix archive            # List all archives
mix      # Archive this project into a .ez file
:      :                   :            :
mix new                # Create a new Elixir project
mix run                # Run the given file or expression
mix test               # Run a project's tests
iex -S mix             # Start IEx and run the default task

This is a list of the standard tasks that come with mix. Your list may be a little different, depending on your version of Elixir. For more information on a particular task, we can use mix help.

$ mix help deps

Let’s list all dependencies and their statuses. Dependencies must be specified in the mix.exs file.

Here’s a terminal for practice:

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