When it comes to converting a PDF document to other file types, we might spend our time surfing the internet while trying to find an adequate online converter that answers our requirements.

Doing so is not always the optimal way, since online converters might produce low-quality output or impose constraints related to the size of the file to convert. The most significant concern is that they may compromise a file’s security.

If you want an efficient, secure, and productive way to overcome this hurdle, let’s try to develop our customized PDF converters.


The following lesson will familiarize us with the knowledge required to develop a PDF to DOCX and a PDF to PPTX converters, while harnessing the potentials of the Python programming language.

There are many reasons for building a PDF to MS Word (DOCX) conversion tool. Usually, it’s because we want to change the information contained within a PDF document, or perhaps to respond to other’s requirements stipulating such a file format.

By the same token, a PDF to MS PowerPoint (PPTX) converter is an effective and time-saving solution that produces a widely-accepted file format for informal presentations and corporate briefings.

PDF to MS Word (DOCX) Converter

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