How to Shuffle PDF Pages

Learn the steps required to shuffle the pages of a PDF document.


Rearranging pages in a multi-page PDF document is not an easy task.

To achieve this, you can purchase an off-the-shelf software like Nitro Pro or do it manually by converting the PDF to MS. Word, making the necessary changes, then converting the document back to PDF.

To alleviate the burden, we suggest another viable option to execute this task in an automated manner.


This section will explain to you the steps needed to build a PDF pages shuffler tool. This tool is designed as a lightweight command-line-based utility developed in the Python programming language.


The following components are needed:


A Pure-Python library for PDF management with distinguishing features allowing us to split, merge, crop, and transform the pages of PDF files.


A dependency-free Python library that allows checking the signature of a file or a buffer to conclude its type and MIME type.

Library Version
PyPDF4 1.27.0
Filetype 1.0.7

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