How to Extract Tabular Data from PDF

Learn to develop an extractor of tabular data from a PDF document while benefiting from the Tabula Python library.


PDF documents, mainly financial reports, carry out a lot of information in tabular form.

For small PDF documents with minimal data, it’s easier to extract such data manually using the copy/paste feature.

However, it is better for large documents to streamline this process by adopting an efficient tool to automate such tedious tasks.

Extracting tabular data from PDF documents has always been a cumbersome process, but with the help of Python and its stunning libraries, you can automate this job with a few lines of code.


The idea behind this lesson is to guide you on the steps required for developing a command-line-based utility to extract tabular data from a PDF document, using Python programming language, and to save the extracted data to “CSV” files.

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