Learn how to use SmartCore, a powerful framework for machine learning in Rust

Machine learning and SmartCore

Machine learning is seen as equal parts buzzword and obscure science, sometimes frowned upon as a new trend, destined to fade away.

In the simplest possible terms, machine learning is a series of algorithms that allow the computer to learn from studying data and statistics.

At its core, then, machine learning is data manipulation within the framework of statistics.

Obviously, we can’t explain everything about how machine learning works in a single lesson, because it involves quite a bit of knowledge of math and statistics.

Instead, we’ll explore SmartCore, a library suited for both machine learning and numerical analysis.

SmartCore has a collection of prebuilt algorithms that can be applied generically in machine learning. It is not a tool for experts, but its algorithms need very little adaptation for most of the tasks for which a generic user might need machine learning.

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