The Basics of Storytelling through Data with Rust

Stories versus reports?

What are the main differences between a story and a business report?

Here are some of the most common answers to that question:

Story tale Business report
Captivate Bore
Compelling Dull
Conversational narrative Jargon words
Anecdotal Stats
Feels real Feels staged
Entertain Drive sales
Complexity Plain

We could add more to the list, but this should be enough to paint a picture. Anyway, what’s the point of comparing stories and business reports?

In the last few years, there has been a trend toward storifying business reports—that is, to apply storytelling elements to business reports.

There are many motives behind this trend. As one example, if the report is meant to convince stakeholders to make a decision, a captivating report is more likely to sway them than a dull report would be.

Whatever reason we need to tell stories in our reports, our trusty Rust language comes to the rescue once again to help us do so successfully.

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