The Help System

Python and PowerShell are both equipped with an inbuilt help system so that developers and users can easily understand the concept, modules, and elements of the scripting language. An inbuilt help system also assists in introspection of various object types and understanding how a module and program will work.

Get-Help cmdlet in PowerShell

PowerShell provides a very robust help system through the Get-Help cmdlet, where we can read the help documents on an array of topics and concepts. The Get-Help cmdlet can be run against strings and keywords with wildcards to return detailed help documentation. These can be referred to as examples and use cases to understand how PowerShell works or to explain concepts, including the elements of the Windows PowerShell language.

The following code sample returns the help document for the Get-Process cmdlet.

Get-Help Get-Process

## use the -Full switch parameter to return complete documentation
Get-Help Get-Process -Full

Run the above commands in the terminal below to see it working.

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