Wrapping up

Let's wrap up with a quick summary and a final note for our learners!

We'll cover the following


In this course, we have learned about Python concepts by relating them to the concepts of Powershell.

At the start of the course, we learned about the basics of version checking, case sensitivity, variables, and console input and output. Then, we learned about objects, data types, and their manipulation.

Next, we started learning about data structures and their operations. Following that, we learned the basic constructs of programming like conditional statements and loops.

Finally, we learned about the functions and their types. We moved on to more advanced topics handling JSON, XML, and CSV. At the end of the course, we learned about error handling and built-in functions.

Final note

Congratulations on the completion of this course! It has been a long journey, but you made it to the end. Hopefully it has been a fruitful experience. Thank you for being part of the Educative learning community.

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