Who Should Take This Course and Why?

A brief introduction to the importance of this course and its prerequisites.


Python is one of the top programming languages in the world and is essential for everything from fast-changing IT scenarios to Data Science to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Knowledge of Python is a must for:

  • Any System Administrator who wants to step into development or programming roles. Even if you don’t want to be a developer, knowledge of another scripting language will make your skill set more robust.
  • Python Developers who want to learn PowerShell scripting and understand its ease of use and importance to manage any platform.


Some prior experience and knowledge of PowerShell are recommended for this course. However, even if you are not experienced in PowerShell, this course will provide an opportunity to learn some PowerShell basics.

Why study this course?

PowerShell is a go-to scripting language for almost anything! When you start to learn Python, you may notice many patterns and concepts that resemble PowerShell. This is because PowerShell is a very new scripting language compared to Python and has adopted the best features from older scripting and programming languages.

Regardless of the reasons, the reality is that both Python and PowerShell have a lot of similarities, and there is a great deal of overlap in their core concepts. During this course, you should be able to relate ideas to those in PowerShell. This similarity between the two languages will help you quickly grasp Python concepts.

This strategy of learning is known as Associative Learning, which means you can use what you know (PowerShell) to learn what you don’t (Python). That is why this course follows a comparative approach; to speed boost your journey to Python mastery.

As a note, if you are into system administration you will start to see how everything works in PowerShell from the perspective of a programming language. This will help you better understand subtle concepts that seemed obvious in PowerShell.