The `elif` and `ifelse` Statements

Learn about `elif` and `ifelse` syntax.

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So far with our conditional statements, we had an if statement and an else statement. This limits us to only two options, with each if statement evaluating either True or False outcomes. There are a lot of scenarios where it is necessary to check more than two possible outcomes. To overcome this challenge, programming languages offer the solution of an elseif statement in PowerShell, or an elif in Python.

These statements are just like an if statement whose whole purpose is to evaluate another condition. We can write as many elseif or elif statements as we need in the program, but there can be only one if and one else statement.

elif in Python

Syntax of if..elif..else in Python:

if expression1:
elif expression2:
elif expression3:

Let’s take a simple example of how to determine the grade of a student. We will define multiple conditions using elseif and elif conditional statements in PowerShell and Python respectively to check the range in which the student’s percentage falls in.

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