Got any questions? This section might help you get the answer.

How do I get updates? You can subscribe to the Newsletter or follow me on Twitter for updates. Once you have a copy of the course, it will stay updated when a new edition gets released. But you have to grab the copy again when an update is announced.

Does it use the recent React version? The course always receives an update when the React version got updated. Usually, courses are outdated pretty soon after their release.

Does it cover Redux? It doesn’t. Therefore I have created a second course. The Road to learn React should give you a solid foundation before you dive into advanced topics. The implementation of the sample application in the course will show that you don’t need Redux to build an application in React. After you took the course, you should be able to implement a solid application without Redux. Then you can take my second course to learn Redux.

Does it use JavaScript ES6? Yes. But don’t worry. You will be fine if you are familiar with JavaScript ES5. All JavaScript ES6 features, that I describe on the journey to learn React, will transition from ES5 to ES6 in the course. Every feature along the way will be explained. The course does not only teach React, but also all useful JavaScript ES6 features for React.

How can I get help while taking the course? The course has a Slack Group for people who are taking the course. You can join the channel to get help or to help others. After all, helping others can improve your learning too.

Is there any troubleshoot area? If you run into problems, please join the Slack Group. In addition, you could have a look into the open issues on GitHub for the course. Perhaps your problem was already mentioned and you can find the solution for it. If your problem wasn’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to open a new issue where you can explain your problem, maybe provide a screenshot, and some more details (e.g. lesson in the course, node version). After all, I try to ship all fixes in next editions of the course.

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