Install Rust on Your Local Machine

There is much more to learn on your programming journey. You have many more programs to write. Maybe you want to create a web app, or a mobile game, or something else entirely. You should definitely pursue it all, and learn much more!

What you’ve learned so far covers the basics of programming in Rust. You know the core of what’s needed to program; you have the lingo, you know enough to start spreading your wings, explore the internet, and learn specific topics you’re interested in.

We may follow this course with another one going deeper into real-world topics. If people are interested in seeing that, please do let us know! For now, we’re going to leave you with some advice on what to do next.

So far, everything we’ve done has been inside the Educative environment or Rust Playground. This is great for learning, but it doesn’t let you write real programs very effectively. The next thing to do is to install the tools on your own machine.

We held off on including this in this course, since it can be very different for each person’s computer. You need to learn a bit about the terminal, text editors, files and directories, and installing tools. For this step, if you’re not already familiar with these concepts, try to find a friend or family member to sit down with you and help you get started. It’s much easier to have someone show you the way on your computer than to learn from a book.

When you’re ready, you can learn about installing Rust from the install Rust page.

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