• Traits define behavior that can be implemented by many different types

  • You can put restrictions on type parameters by adding trait bounds

  • Trait bounds can be added for functions, impl blocks, and more

  • The Display trait is used by println!, format!, and related macros

  • A number of common traits can be derived, so you don’t have to write them by hand

  • Clone is a derivable trait that lets you make a copy

  • Copy is a derivable marker trait that tells the compilr, “It’s really cheap to clone"

  • Debug is a derivable trait that produces output useful for debugging your code

  • PartialEq and Eq control the == and != operators

  • PartialOrd and Ord control the four other comparison operators

  • In order to use a trait, the trait must be in scope

  • You can bring a trait into scope with use

  • You can place multiple bounds on a type parameter by using +

  • Traits can define associated types

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