Challenge: Making Modifications to an Article

Practice how to use the Typography plugin in an article.

Problem statement

Use the available modifiers from the Typography plugin and transform the example article below in the following manner:

  • Add capitalization to all headings.

  • Make h1 underlined with appropriate offset and wavy text decoration and in yan-600 color.

  • Make h2 in teal-700 color.

  • Make the leading paragraph have small, italic, and uppercase text.

  • Set all paragraphs to have wide tracking.

  • Set <strong> elements text in amber-700 color.

  • Set blockquote elements text and border in cyan-600 color, and add a tiny bottom border and a bit of horizontal margin.

  • Add a small horizontal margin to the <figure> element.

  • Make the text in the <figcaption> element centered.

  • Make images fully rounded and with a large drop shadow.

Expected output

The result should be similar to the following image:

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