Tailwind Basics

Learn about the basics of Tailwind.

In this lesson, we’ll learn about the main factors necessary to design any web project in Tailwind.

Exploring Tailwind basics

There are four main factors involved in every web design project:

  • Layout: It all starts with a blueprint. This defines how the whitespace and elements of our design are organized and ordered.

  • Typography: This includes all text content, including messages.

  • Colors: This brings life to a design and defines a design’s mood and brand.

  • Imagery: This includes the visuals of a design, such as icons, images, illustrations, and so on.

Next, we’ll learn more about all of these factors and see how Tailwind can help us implement them in the development phase. The aim here is to give you a holistic view of what classes to look for when you’re working on a particular component. Don’t worry, we’ll go into much more detail for each class when we start exploring a practical example later.

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