In the Works

In this lesson, we'll look at some content that is in the works and will be added to future renditions of this course.

I wanted to take a moment to mention content I’m planning to integrate into the course, simply to give you an idea of what additional chapters will make it into future updates of this course (at no additional cost):

Docker security

Containers invaded the world of software applications over the past few years, and understanding how to securely deploy and connect them is a crucial step to keep ourselves up to date in this new way of orchestrating and deploying applications.

Kubernetes security

Just like Docker, Kubernetes has almost become a de-facto standard, especially for deployments of more complex software architectures. Today, hardening Kubernetes clusters and applications orchestrated within the cluster is an extremely important topic.

Penetration testing

We’ve barely scratched the surface of proactively testing our applications through bug bounty programs. Commissioning tests performed by a third party company, such as penetration tests, is an important topic I’d want to touch base on.

Secret management

On a daily basis, teams need to find a way to secure pieces of information used to run their architecture, from credentials to access S3 buckets to private keys used to encrypt proprietary information. Understanding how to manage secrets effectively is a very important aspect of our job.

Leveraging other services

We briefly touched on how other services, such as CloudFlare, can help us improve our security in the DDoS chapter.

However, a more in-depth chapter about what services exist to help us improve our security posture is an appropriate topic for this course.

A word of caution, some of these chapters might make it into future updates of this course and some won’t. This is a bucket list of content that I genuinely see fit for the course, but there is no timeline on when you should expect this content to land here.

We’ll conclude this course with a few thank yous to people who helped make it happen!

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