This Is The End

In this lesson, we'll quickly walk through this chapter and why your focus as a developer should be to make your web apps as safe as possible.

Chapter walkthrough

This is not the beginning of Jim Morrison’s verse in The Door’s “The End”, but rather the conclusion of a long journey into web application security.

I want to take a few pages for final remarks and tease some of the additional content that will be added to the course in the future. Last but not least, a few people played a vital part in making this course come to life so I’d like to take a moment to mention them.

Forget safe. Make it safer.

Vulnerabilities lurk everywhere. It’s practically impossible to make software that is 100% safe. Doing so would involve writing it on your home computer, keeping it local, disconnecting your internet connection, and locking your laptop in a safe in Fort Knox. Pardon the sarcasm but making software secure is a hard task that takes time and resources.

More popularity means more vulnerabilities

This should not discourage you from thinking about security all the time. The key is to understand that the more exposure your software gains, the more vulnerabilities are bound to be found in it. And that’s alright; by finding new vulnerabilities and fixing them we enter a journey of making our web application safer as the days go by.

Take precautions

In addition, using the right protocols, headers, and precautions help us reduce the attack surface and isolate problems along the way. Having security in mind is an important step to make sure you aren’t the next dump on the dark web.

You are not alone

Don’t be afraid of security, don’t be discouraged by the number of attack vectors out there. Just like you, millions of software engineers face the same battles, and even share their experiences. Not only that, they even collaborate on Open-Source projects to fix security vulnerabilities as well as help each other through bug bounty programs. The point is, you’re not alone.

Remember to have fun

Take security as a challenge that becomes harder as time goes by. A journey that’s fun, rewarding, and full of knowledge.

In the next lesson, we’ll look at some additional content that will be added to the course in the future.

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