Create a Lambda Function

Understand the AWS Lambda functions and the problem they are trying to solve.

Lambda function

AWS introduced Lambda functions in 2014. It was a new concept in computing that revolutionized application development.

All other architecture paradigms waste a lot of developer time and effort in set up and maintenance of the servers and development of the supporting code, or the boilerplate code.

Different cloud offerings like Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service progressively remove parts of our load. That said, many non-business tasks remain with the developer.

Additionally, traditional forms of cloud computing require planning and provisioning. We have to provision the EC2 servers with the appropriate capacity. We’re always at risk of provisioning too little or too much.

Lambda functions resolve all these problems. Now, we only worry about the code with the required business logic. Amazon manages the rest of the job.

Hello world

Let’s get started by creating a Lambda function. Following the traditions of software development, let’s start with a Hello World.

The code below implements an API using a simple Lambda function that returns “Hello World” as the response.

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