AWS API Gateway: The Unsung Warrior

AWS API Gateway: The Unsung Warrior


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
AWS API Gateway: The Unsung Warrior
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Takeaway Skills

Hands-on experience with core API Gateway capabilities

Understanding intricate configurations of the AWS API Gateway that enable low-cost, low-latency, serverless applications

The ability to integrate AWS API Gateway with AWS services, including Dynamo, S3, Step Functions, Comprehend, and others

Hands-on experience building a fully functional multiuser chat application with WebSocket API

Hands-on experience building a fully functional chat application with a Jokes Bot

Course Overview

API Gateway is an important component of the AWS serverless stack and has great potential to enable low latency, low-cost, and secure applications. This course takes you through all aspects of the AWS API Gateway and contains ready-to-use code snippets to implement different patterns of serverless API development in AWS. You’ll learn core concepts and get hands-on experience with core API Gateway capabilities. You’ll also dive deep into data mapping and WebSocket APIs and build a fully functional multi-us...Show More

Course Content


Introduction to API Gateway


API Gateway: High Level View

Getting Started with AWS API Gateway

Cloud Lab


API Gateway: Basic Configurations


Data Mapping Deep Dive

Leveraging AWS API Gateway for Public API Integration

Cloud Lab


Websocket Deep Dive


AWS Service Integration Deep Dive

10 Lessons

Integrating AWS Services with API Gateway

Cloud Lab



2 Lessons

API Gateway Evaluation


Chat Application with Jokes Bot


Building a Chat Application Using Lambda Function and API Gateway

Cloud Lab


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