What's API Gateway?

Understand the basics of AWS API Gateway and why it’s required.

API gateway - “hello world”

It’s fair to ask why we need the API Gateway when we can develop the full API using Lambda function alone. It’s because API Gateway offers us a lot more than this. It has several features that help us scale the API beyond this.

The power and versatility of the Lambda functions are impressive. But, in the process, many of us miss out on the features available in the other supporting services. If we master them, our applications can scale significantly, improving cost, latency, and security.

Let’s use an API Gateway to extend the Hello World API from the previous lesson.

The code below extends the IaC we developed in the previous lesson to invoke the Lambda function using an API Gateway.

Again, don’t worry if you don’t fully understand the syntax of this code. For now, click and see the deployment.

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