Response Integration

Understand the configuration of response integration in REST API.

API response

A REST API request usually yields a response from the server. This response can be either a complete JSON, for instance, in response to a GET or a POST request, or a simple status code returned in response to some PUT request. When this data flows through the API Gateway, we have all the freedom to play with it. We can translate the headers and return codes and transform the body using the Velocity templates.

API Gateway provides request integration to transform the input request to the target API. Similarly, it enables response integration to translate the response of the target API to what the API client requires in the response.

The HTTP API and WebSocket API can be configured for response integration. They have minimal functionality, however. To use the full features, we should use the REST API.


We can configure the response integration in the API Gateway in the CloudFormation template, as shown below.

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