Blockchain Explorer

Learn how to track and explore every transaction that has ever occurred on the blockchain.

The blockchain ledger is immutable meaning, that all past transactions cannot be changed or altered in any way once they are written into the ledger. The consensus mechanism ensures that data is safe from manipulation or tampering and that transactions will remain reliable.

From this perspective, blockchain explorers are an essential tool in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchains. They provide an easy-to-use interface that allows users to explore, monitor, and analyze transactions. Blockchain explorers also allow users to view balances, transactions’ history, and other information, therefore providing a comprehensive view of the network. Everything on Ethereum is publically available and can be retrieved whenever needed.

A lot of blockchain explorers exist; they typically offer a web interface giving real-time visibility of on-chain activities and data. The most popular one for Ethereum is the Etherscan explorer.

Block info

Information about a block includes:

  • Block height: The block number.

  • Timestamp: The time when a block was proposed.

  • Transactions: The total number of transactions (both external and internal) included within the block.

  • Fee recipient: The account address that received the gas fee and tips from transactions.

  • Block reward: The amount of ETH awarded for the block proposal.

  • Size: The size (in bytes) of data within the block.

  • Gas used: The total amount of gas units used by the transactions in the block.

  • Gas limit: The gas limit for transactions in the block.

  • Base fee per gas: The base fee transaction’s sender paid to be included in a block.

  • Burnt fees: The amount of ETH burned in the block.

The following more advanced data is also available:

  • Hash: The block hash.

  • Parent hash: The previous block hash.

  • State root: The hash of the current state.

The following picture shows some of the above information about block 16369689. Full information about the block will be forever available on the Etherscan explorer.

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