Blockchain Types

Learn about and compare different types of blockchains.

Now, let’s explore all the principal blockchain types from different perspectives. First we’ll differentiate between blockchains by the permission aspect and then by the authorities involved and their role in the game.

Permissionless vs permissioned

A blockchain infrastructure network is made up of nodes. Let's say we have the hardware and software resources to manage a node and want to join the network. The first question we ask is “Do I have the necessary permission to become an active blockchain node?”.

The answer is (as it often happens): “It depends”. 

When it comes to permissions, blockchains are divided into permissionless and permissioned

In a permissionless blockchain, anyone can freely join and participate, while a permissioned blockchain requires an invitation and approval from the network administrator to join. In a permissioned blockchain, the rights of nodes on the network may also be restricted.

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