Challenge: Converting Shell Application

Test yourself by converting a flyout MAUI Shell app into a tabbed Shell app.

Using the project at the end of the lesson, perform the tasks highlighted in the problem statement section.

Problem statement

The challenge consists of the following tasks:

  • Changing the format of the Shell app.

  • Adding a RefreshView to reset the page.

Changing the format of the Shell app

The project at the end of the lesson represents a .NET MAUI Shell application with a flyout menu. You need to make changes to it so it has a tabbed view instead of a flyout. You should also make the following changes to the tab:

  • Remove the Reminders tab.

  • Add the tab for the MainPage.

  • Use dotnet_bot.svg as the tab icon.

  • Give the MainPage tab the title Content Area.

  • Ensure that the MainPage tab is the first in the menu.

The difference between the original app and the modified version should be as follows:

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