Building Full-Stack Web Applications With Node.js and React

Building Full-Stack Web Applications With Node.js and React


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AI Explanations
Building Full-Stack Web Applications With Node.js and React
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Takeaway Skills

The ability to build applications using the Express JavaScript framework

A functional understanding of the Node.js runtime environment for server-side functions

A working mastery of a React frontend for client-side operations

A strong foundation in the fundamentals of modern web development

The hands-on experience necessary to build rich, full-stack web applications using popular JavaScript technologies

Course Overview

Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime environment used to create server-side applications. It is an ideal tool for building robust, full-stack web applications with React. This course is an introduction to web development leveraging these two popular technologies. You’ll learn server-side applications with Node.js and learn to add database functionality with MongoDB fitting into the Express application framework. You’ll then build a user authorization system using the JSON Web Token (JWT). You’ll then f...Show More


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