Building and organizing a sprint

You are on a team of software developers that has a new product coming out called NoBSDevOps. The team has been collaborating together and coordinating tasks with the infrastructure team, but it’s not working. They’re used to making phone calls, chat conversations, and participating in the occasional water-cooler talk to collaborate.

The team focuses on Agile software development and needs a new system to help them track, plan, and visualize the work they have ahead of them. They’re already working in sprints, but they’re always going over their deadlines and management is getting frustrated.

You decide to try out Azure DevOps and focus on the Boards feature to help them better organize their workload and collaborate better with the infrastructure team.

Since the team is already used to working in sprints, you decide to create a new project in Azure DevOps and set up a few work items in a sprint to show the team.

Tools to have

To follow along with the project in this chapter, please be sure that:

You don’t have to use an Azure AD tenant. You can add users directly to the project. But, in this project, the environment is linked to Azure AD.

Assigning team members

Adam has created an Azure DevOps project, so he’s automatically a project administrator. He needs to add his team to the project so they can collaborate with him.

Adding team members to the project

To get started, add team members and start off on the project summary page.

Assuming all of Adam’s teammates are in the same Azure AD tenant as the Azure DevOps project:

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