Learn about the Azure and YAML pipelines in this lesson.

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Pipelines in Azure

Now that you know about CI/CD, let’s dive into what pipelines are in Azure DevOps and how they can be used in a CI/CD context. You’ll get a full, end-to-end example of building an Azure pipeline in the chapter project, but it’s important to first get a brief overview of creating a simple pipeline.

At the time of writing this, Microsoft is in the process of moving from traditional pipelines, which had a CI (build) and a CD (release) process, into one pipeline for both. We will cover YAML-based pipelines in this chapter, which is the one pipeline for both because that’s the direction that Microsoft is heading in.

One of the first things that will be asked by the pipeline when you are first configuring is where the code exists. You will be presented with a few different options, i.e., GitHub and Azure Repos.

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