Building infrastructure without leaving VS Code

As you have read, VS Code isn’t just for writing and editing code, it’s a complete IDE full of other tools that make a developer’s life easier. To demonstrate that, in this chapter project, you’re going to build an entire server infrastructure testing environment without ever leaving VS Code.

Using built-in VS Code tooling and a few extensions, you will build an entire set of tools to write code, commit to source control, build VMs, configure infrastructure, and deploy an application using a single interface.

Project overview

In this chapter project, you’re going to learn how to use VS Code by building a project. You’ve been tasked with figuring out how to build an Azure VM with Terraform as a small proof of concept (POC) project. You have VS Code and have heard of its capability as a full IDE and want to put it to the test.

You’re going to:

  • Create a VS Code workspace to share with your team.

  • Install the Terraform extension.

  • Modify the Terraform configuration file to fit your naming convention and Azure subscription.

  • Create a snippet for a common task you’ve found yourself typing over and over.

  • Commit the Terraform configuration file to a Git repo.

  • Use the integrated terminal to invoke Terraform commands.

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