Collaboration and Branching

Learn how Git is useful for collaborating outside of your team and understand the basics of branching in this lesson.

Collaborating outside of your team

Collaboration and working with others in source control isn’t just for a team working in the same company. It’s also for projects and working with people outside of your company too. Developers will typically store a lot of their code publicly for the world to see and use. With that code being public, you can see it, clone it, and even work with others on the project.

One of the easiest ways to get started collaborating in GitHub is to not actually have any code at all! Git and GitHub are not actually built to work with code, per se but with simple text instead. If you’re brand new to source control, one of the easiest ways to get started is to contribute to version-controlled text documentation.

For example, consider a company like Microsoft. Most of their code is open-source and collaborated on by tons of individuals within Microsoft and outside of Microsoft.

Let’s say you’re looking for some documentation on managing Azure Keyvault with the Azure CLI. If you go to the Azure CLI documentation page, you will find a button at the bottom that says View on GitHub as shown below.

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