Course Outline

Discover the topics that will be covered in this course.


In this course, you will learn how to get started with over a dozen popular tools to establish a strong DevOps presence in your organization. These tools include:

  1. Git and GitHub
  2. Azure Boards
  3. Azure Pipelines
  4. Ansible
  5. Terraform
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Docker
  8. Visual Studio Code
  9. And more!

Each chapter will provide an excellent understanding of each tool and how to use it by building a real project.

Command-line over the GUI

The tools and services you’ll be learning about in this course can be built in many different ways. Since a primary component of DevOps is automation, you should expect a lot of command-line usage in this course.

Even though running commands from the command-line isn’t automation, it’s a great start. Throw together a few commands in a script and voila! You have a great start at an automation routine.

Consider the following example in which you instantiate Azure using the “az” command. Click on the Run button to see how the command is run on the terminal:

Terminal 1

Using GUI tools like the Azure Portal and other web-based front ends is fine for getting your feet wet and to discover what’s possible, but it doesn’t work if you’re “doing the DevOps.” Even when building proof of concept (POC) projects like you will in this course, you will use the command-line interface (CLI).

Always use the CLI where possible and save your work in scripts.

Why Azure? Why aren’t you covering my tool?

DevOps applies to many different situations and tools. We have to start somewhere. Azure just so happens to be the authors’ primary cloud of choice. You definitely don’t have to do the DevOps in Azure, but you definitely can.

This course was written to take a specific look at DevOps, particularly in the Microsoft Azure space. DevOps itself isn’t dependent on any certain environment whether it be on-prem or in the cloud. But, you’ll find that the API-driven, automation, and lack of hardware to manage aspects of the cloud will greatly accelerate you in your DevOps journey.