Target Audience

Who is this course’s target audience?

We'll cover the following

This course is for anyone in IT or software engineering who wants to learn more about DevOps and, specifically, how to follow DevOps practices in Azure. Whether you’re a system administrator, engineer, developer, or IT manager, this course will help you understand what it takes to deliver more value to customers with DevOps by using Azure.

The course is especially suited for system administrators (admins) that have suddenly found themselves needing to “do the DevOps”. If you’re in a position within your company where you’ve been managing the operations side for a long time but aren’t quite sure about this DevOps thing, this course is for you.

If you think you have beginner or intermediate-level knowledge of DevOps concepts and are interested in seeing how DevOps can be applied in Azure, this course will help.

Still not sure? We have built a persona to base the entire course around. If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with many of these statements, you need this course.


  • You’ve been in IT for 5+ years.
  • You’ve always been a sysadmin and mostly managed Windows servers but a few Linux boxes here and there.
  • You’ve enjoyed writing scripts in the past few years automating random stuff. Mostly PowerShell and Azure CLI.
  • You’ve heard of DevOps and have just begun to play with DevOps tooling like Ansible and DSC, etc.
  • You learn best with examples and real projects.

Your organization

  • Your organization is medium-sized and has a few dev teams with a QA department for all working on 2-3 in-house applications.
  • You have some automation to deploy software to production, but it’s a combination of scripts and other tools we didn’t implement.
  • You have complete management buy-in for DevOps and automation.

Your goals

  • You want to learn how to “do the DevOps” like your manager has been telling you. He’s been seeing all this marketing stuff about DevOps and he’s sold.
  • You want to get a grasp on exactly what the hell DevOps is and wrap your head around it.
  • You’ve read high-level DevOps books and have also been reading product-specific blog posts about small things, but you’d like to see an end-to-end example.