Summary and What's Next

A few final words to wrap up the course.

We'll cover the following

Congratulations on completing this guide to Firebase on the Web! Sadly, you have reached the end of your Firebase journey with us. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this course and that you learned even more than was promised.

What we learned

Throughout this course, you have developed your skills in the following areas:

  • Authenticating and monitoring users with Firebase Authentication
  • Reading and writing data to the Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore
  • Uploading and retrieving files from a Storage bucket
  • Writing and deploying Cloud Functions with Firebase
  • Securing application data with Security Rules
  • Building and deploying applications to Firebase Hosting
  • Prototyping and testing applications with the Firebase Emulator Suite

What’s next?

This course was designed to get you started with Firebase, and while we did that, here are some of the avenues still left to explore on your own:

  • Enabling and implementing other authentication methods
  • Sending emails from a Firebase application with Cloud Functions
  • Explore other background-triggered functions
  • Writing better production-ready Security Rules
  • Connecting a custom domain to Firebase Hosting
  • Setting up other Firebase products like Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Crashlytics, Test Lab, and so on.

There are a lot of helpful resources and documentation available to guide and help you grow as you take your learning further to become a Firebase developer. Additionally, you can find Firebase communities on Slack, Stack Overflow, and Twitter to help you when you run into problems.

Goodbye and good luck! 👋

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