What is Firebase?

Get an in-depth introduction to Firebase and its services.

Firebase is a Google-backed Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)A platform/serverless cloud service model that allows developers to outsource the back-end aspects of their mobile or web application solution that provides developers with a tool kit to build, improve, and grow their applications. Backend-as-a-Service solutions like Firebase eliminate the need for developers to build and manage various back-end services and focus solely on application development. These services include authentication, file storage, databases, hosting, testing, performance monitoring, analytics, and so on.

Through these services, Firebase provides the backend so that we, as the developer, no longer need to worry about it. Behind the scenes, Firebase applications directly communicate with the backend via custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) provided by Firebase.

Firebase architecture

Firebase provides support for multiple client apps like Android, iOS, Web, and Unity. All these apps can directly talk to the backend. This is called a serverless architecture.A design approach that allows developers to build and run services without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. It differs from the traditional application architecture, where servers act as a gateway to the application’s storage layer. Some benefits of serverless architecture include the following:

  • There are reduced operational and developmental costs since there are no servers to manage.
  • There is increased speed since apps can receive real-time updates from the backend.

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