Installing Apache Commons Lang Locally

Learn about the installation process and the methods available in the apache commons lang library.

Apache Commons Lang provides many methods for manipulation of Java Arrays. This external library provides these extra methods. We need to add the libraries to our project to manipulate arrays.

Apache Commons Lang provides many helper utilities that will help you with not only arrays but also string and numerical values. In this section, we will only talk about array methods.

Installing apache commons library

The first step will guide you on how to add these external utilities to your NetBeans IDE. The subsequent steps will guide you to add the utilities to IntelliJ IDE. Once it has been added to your IDE, we will start using ‘org.apache.commons.lang3’ package on the top of our Java file, and call the methods accordingly.

Lang 3.0 is the latest version. It uses a different package than the previous versions. You can read more here: At the same time, you can download the commons-lang3-3.9.jar file in your machine, and later you can add that ‘jar’ file to your projects.

You may ask why we need these external libraries?

In fact, we need them for many reasons. We can remove, add, reverse any array, and do many things using these utilities. Before that, we need to add Apache Commons Lang to our NetBeans 11.2 IDE.

The following figure will show you how to start a NetBeans Java ANT project:

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