Wrapping Up

Let's summarized what we have learned so far from the Java bootcamp.

Through a hundred problems (both examples and challenges), we have tried to understand the basic concepts of Java, but we have only scratched the surface. However, we have discussed those problems that are particularly searched for and asked in Java interviews. We hope that helps you as a beginner.

You cannot learn everything by reading a single course or watching a single video. It takes time, and only practice can make you perfect.

In my opinion, learning is incomplete without thinking. Never copy and paste code. Read code first, understand the concepts behind it, write it down in your notebook, and then write the algorithm on your own.

You may even write it in a better way. Besides keeping practice and writing code every day, you need to think about how it works. Before using anything, you need to understand why you need to use it. Think about data types. Can we move a user-defined data type like objects from one class to another, just like any other primitive data type? Ask yourself, find the answer.

Furthermore, read the Java documentation. It helps.

Happy learning, happy coding; I wish you the best of luck.

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