Engaging Your Audience

Explore how to further engage your audience with your data storytelling to take it to the next level.

Engaging our audience during data storytelling is an important objective that is accomplished through multiple factors. These factors include defining the data-driven problem statements and tailoring the visualizations to our audience.

Why engage an audience?

There are a few critical reasons why audience engagement is vital for data storytelling:

  • Beyond modifying data visualizations, narratives allow data storytellers to effectively emphasize or point to smaller parts of the bigger picture. Holding an audience's attention means ensuring an audience is focusing on the right parts of a narrative and isn't getting lost or confused during a presentation.

  • Motivating the audience to follow up on the proposed actions and retaining the message.

How to engage an audience

Let's briefly examine a few other concepts that can help effectively engage an audience by looking at examples of how data storytelling can be used to hold an audience's attention and motivate follow-up action items identified by the narrative.

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