Coding Challenge on Handling Outliers

Assess your ability to handle outliers using Python.

Dataset description

We will work with the product.csv dataset, which includes information about various products sold in a certain year and month. Each record represents a different product, and each column in the dataset represents specific product information. Here's a description of each column:

  • Product ID: The unique identification number for the product.

  • Year: The year the product was sold.

  • Month: The month the product was sold.

  • Day: The day the product was sold.

  • Sales: The number of units sold for the product on that day.

  • Profit: The profit generated from the product sale on that day.

  • Inventory: The number of units of the product available in the inventory on that day.

Challenge 1: Find outliers

We've already imported the pandas library. Write code to find outliers in the products.csv dataset using the IQR method. Save the final dataset without outliers in the outliers_df DataFrame.

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