Coding Challenges on Filtering and Sorting

Dataset description

We will work with the cities-america.csv dataset, which includes information about various cities in Canada and the United States. Each record represents a different city, and each column in the dataset represents specific information about the cities. Here's a description of each column:

  • City: The name of the city.

  • Country: The name of the country where the city is located.

  • Area (km^2): The city's total area in square kilometers.

  • Average Temperature (C): The city's average temperature in degrees Celsius.

  • Landmark: A well-known attraction or historical site in the city.

  • Altitude (m): The height of an object above the surface of the ground or sea level.

  • Elevation (m): The city's height above the mean sea level.

Challenge 1: Boolean indexing

We've already imported the pandas library. Write code using boolean indexing to filter for Canadian cities from the cities-america.csv dataset. Save the filtered records in a cities_df DataFrame, and print the DataFrame to preview the records.

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