Exercise 1

This exercise will test your knowledge of 2NF.

We'll cover the following

Problem Statement

First, determine whether the following table is in second normal form. If it is not in 2NF, then convert it into 2NF.

Customer-Order Table

Cust_Id Cust_Name Order_Id Order_Detail Order_Category
1 Jack 34 Shampoo Hygiene
2 Bruce 22 TV Electronics
3 Amanda 84 Shirts Clothing
4 James 12 Shoes Clothing
2 Bruce 62 Glasses Clothing
5 Veronica 84 Shirts Clothing

Take your time with this problem. Take a look at the second normal form lesson if you have trouble remembering the concept.

Hint: Start with identifying the primary key.

We will discuss the solution in the next lesson.

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